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Top quality tree work takes years of experience to master and requires a real care for trees and knowledge of how they grow.

Kevin Silvester of ArborPro is a certified arborist specialising in the management, maintenance and care of trees.

Kevin has been involved in Projects such as Zealandia, he was employed as an arborist for Lord of the Rings, various Council work maintenance in parks with Specimen trees, and has worked pruning numerous Embassy properties in Wellington.

Kevin is able to offer his clients the solutions that work for them and their properties. ArborPro can tackle anything from the tricky and technical large jobs that require skill and experience, right down to small tree removal/surgery. Kevin has established a great reputation in Wairarapa and will work anywhere across the region. Trees are often overlooked and can become dangerous where they are leaning or become a hazard to personal property and/or public.

He can take out shelter belts on farms through to pruning specimen trees and removal work.

ArborPro has climbers and staff that will prune/dismantle and fell trees on your property and process material leaving your property with a new lease of life.

ArborPro are specialists in Tree Pruning and Tree Maintenance throughout the Wairarapa.

Kevin can quickly process material up to 15” in diameter and load mulch into the 4WD tipper truck and leave your property looking pristine.

ArborPro is able to carry out heavy commercial work and can employ big diggers or cranes if necessary. Kevin offers various solutions and he is very fair with pricing. “As an arborist, you’re really there to consult and give people various options,” he says. If you are looking for top quality tree work that won’t leave your precious trees looking butchered, call Kevin and the team at ArborPro.

Large Chipper and digger combo

  • Formative pruning and reductions
  • Shelter Belt Removals
  • Wind Throw
  • Digger and crane assisted tree removal
  • Large Tree removal in confined space
  • Storm Damage
  • Dead wooding

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